Fifty Two Murders by Tom Alexander

30 – Get Rich Slow

"So... what you're suggesting is that you commit a crime, but that we make it look as if I did it. I go to prison for at least ten years and then my family finds a reporter to make a... Continue Reading →


29 – Inevitably, Crows

In the grey light of morning, four black shapes dropped out of the sky and landed in a cornfield. They had not come to make a meal of ears alone, however, as they gathered around the cadaver laying in the... Continue Reading →

28 – Written Out

He wrote himself to death. At least, that’s what it looked like, with his putrefying corpse slumped over the laptop, seeping organic juices into the keyboard as man and machine commingled in the ultimate interface. “One a week,” the inspector... Continue Reading →

27 – Make Mine a 99

Finally, some fucking sunshine. As if things hadn't been bad enough this summer, it's been the wettest June since records began. Since records began. Un-fucking-believable. Maybe that's why it's all kicked off the past few weeks. When the sun's shining... Continue Reading →

26 – Digging A Hole (Again)

I’ve got a wicked fucking hangover and I’m trying to waiting for the Alka Seltzer to dissolve when “La Cucaracha” screams out of my phone and into my ears. Dougie set it up and now I can’t work out how... Continue Reading →

25 – In Conversation With Albert Bassom

Excerpt from The Journal of Murder Vol. 72, Issue 2 After establishing himself as one of the foremost proponents of the classical school of poisoners, Bassom shifted direction in 1972, eschewing his previous methods and embracing what he termed the... Continue Reading →

24 – A Brave Face

All you need to do is keep it together. You’ve done alright so far - greeting the mourners, accepting condolences, talking to the crematorium, negotiating with the caterers, deciding on the flowers and managing all the tasks that come with... Continue Reading →

23 – Pathology

Transcript of recording. 4th May 2012 MP: The time is 4:47 pm on 4th of May 2012. I’m Milton Povey, medical examiner for Maynard County, conducting an autopsy on a caucasian male identified as George Withers. Subject is 170cm in height... Continue Reading →

22 – Local Man Gets Life

MARIETTA, GA. William Jefferies was found guilty of four counts of second-degree murder at the state court yesterday. His case received nationwide attention after Jefferies was involved in a series of bizarre incidents that saw him attempting to take his... Continue Reading →

21 – Composite

“My name is Eileen Papadoukis. I run the shop on Halsey Road.” “Jasper Green. 67 Halsey Road. Date of birth, 10th October 1951.” “Navinder Chakravarti. N-A-V-I-N-D-E-R C-H-A-K-R-A-V-A-R-T-I.” Tell me what happened, so the spirit can find justice and there can... Continue Reading →

20 – A Moment or Two

What is it that distinguishes murder from manslaughter or mishap? Is it motive? Intent? Forethought? Sometimes, it’s nothing more than a moment in time - a few seconds that make the difference between life and death and, by extension, innocence... Continue Reading →

Click here to access the story. For technical reasons, it has to be hosted elsewhere. If you post a link to this, please use the URL of this tumblr page, as the hosting address will probably soon change. edit: fixed... Continue Reading →

18 – Blood Donor

It had been on Peter’s “to-do” list for some time now, so when he saw the tent at the village fete, he took it as a sign that he should stop talking and roll up his sleeve.  He  walked in... Continue Reading →

17 – Chicken

Nando’s was neutral territory and had been ever since it opened. People needed a place to chill, talk or take their kids for birthdays without having to worry about somebody stepping up and trying to start something. So, it was... Continue Reading →

16 – XP

Tonight we take the Obsidian Gauntlet. It’s all I’ve been able to think about all day, throughout the eight depressing hours at the office and on the train ride home, all I’ve wanted to do is log on and get... Continue Reading →

15 – I Killed Moonbeam

Man, I really didn’t mean to do that, you know? It just, like, happened so quickly. We were out in the field, talking about this year’s crop and he started going on and on about how we had to get... Continue Reading →

14 – Parts and Labour

When I get to the garage at 6:30, I see Dad’s yellow Peugeot parked outside. He doesn’t wave or raise a hand as I pull in to park, nor does he say hello when I get out of the car... Continue Reading →

13 – Programming Your Killbot

In previous chapters we’ve covered the preparation, assembly and control of your Killbot. In this section, we’ll explore the basic principles of programming and write a simple control script. Programming your Killbot has a number of advantages over manual control,... Continue Reading →

12 – Post-its From The Fridge

11 – Hinged

i can hear them ticking. all of them. at first i thought it was just mr green next door, but then i heard it in the milkman and the man who came to read the meter. i left the house... Continue Reading →

10 – Full Disclosure

Freddie Jacobs didn’t know what Mr Perskine looked like, but he recognised him all the same. There was no mistaking a buyer, particularly the wet, pliant sort. They were Freddie’s favourite kind. He smiled to himself as he took a... Continue Reading →

9 – Safety

At 11:22 PM on Friday evening, PC Beresford and PC Dalton arrived at 18 Rose Hill Gardens to investigate reports of a disturbance. Neighbours had heard a commotion and the sound of a woman screaming. The house appeared quiet on... Continue Reading →

8 – Salt In The Wound

Detective Sergeant John Durban sipped rooibos tea from his flask and watched as the SOCOs sealed off the street corner. Uniformed officers directed traffic down Queen’s Road and fielded angry complaints from drivers on their way to work. Ice on... Continue Reading →

7 – All Of You Are Going To Get it

The first one is my neighbour. He plays his music all day and night, but then has the balls to complain to me about some mould coming through the walls, as if that’s my fault. I’m just leaving my flat... Continue Reading →

6 – Dr. Kenner’s Journal

Day 187Johnson’s really starting to get on my nerves. I know it’s inevitable, given that we’re alone together in the Antarctic studying ice samples, but I really am beginning to find him quite tiresome. He keeps making the same jokes... Continue Reading →

5 – One In, One Out

On the 1st of January at 12:02 AM, the following took place at The Wash nightclub in Dalston.  On the roof terrace: Graham shuddered to the first orgasm he had ever shared with another person and thought that this was... Continue Reading →

4 – Last Christmas

Jim and Toby had both worked in the health service long enough to know that you took Christmas when you could. Jim was a radiographer and was rostered on-call for the 24 hours spanning Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, while... Continue Reading →

3 – Bitter Tang

When the phone call came, the staff at the Orange Blossom Palliative Facility tried not to get excited. The hospice had been home to several notable figures in their final days, but none of them had warranted a phone call... Continue Reading →

2 – ‘Til Death Do Us Part

I told myself it was only ten minutes. Ten minutes was nothing. There were any number of reasons why a person would be ten minutes late. The cab could have got a flat tyre. There could be roadworks. She might... Continue Reading →

1 – The First Time

If I were to tell you that I have been interested in murder from an early age, you would probably conjure up an image of me as one of those gloomy, sallow youths who cowered in the shadow of the... Continue Reading →

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